Book Club Selections

Contact botanicalbooksabq [at] gmail [.] com for information on how to attend.
Meetings are at 4:00 pm are a hybrid of zoom and in-person or strictly zoom, depending on covid concerns. All “movie meetings” will be in-person only at the Albuquerque Garden Center because it is not possible to stream a movie over zoom.

A list of possible discussion questions/topics may be found here.

January 8: The Man Who Planted Trees, Jim Robbins
February 5: The Wild Trees, Richard Preston
Mar 4: At the Edge of the Orchard, Tracy Chevalier
April 1: Eating Dirt, Charlotte Gill
May 6: Brave the Wild River, Melissa Sevigny
June 3: movie and potluck – Rosemary and Thyme (episodes 3-4)
July 1: The Gardens of Los Poblanos, Judith Phillips
August 5: Agave Spirits, Gary Paul Nabhan
September 9: The Pearl Plot, Vicky Ramakka
October 7: The True History of Chocolate, Sophie Coe (chapters 1-4)
November 4: The True History of Chocolate, Sophie Coe (chapters 5-8)
December 9: movie and potluck – TBN

January 9: The Sixteen Trees of the Somme, Lars Mytting
February 6: The Long, Long Life of Trees, Fiona Stafford
March 6: Elderflora, Jared Farmer
April 3: The Arbornaut, Meg Lowman
May 1: Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World, William Alexander
June 5: Plants and Crime, Alan Graham
July 10: movie and potluck – Rosemary and Thyme (episodes 1-2)
August 7: Damsons – An ancient fruit in the modern kitchen, Sarah Conrad Gothie
September 11: The Island of Missing Trees, Elif Shafak
October 2: The Book of Difficult Fruit, Kate Lebo
November 6: The Orchid Thief, Susan Orlean
December 4: movie and potluck – Adaptation

January 10: Baron in the Trees, Italo Calvino
February 7: The Legacy of Luna, Julia Butterfly Hill
March 7: Mesquite, an Arboreal Love Affair, Gary Paul Nabhan
April 4: How I Became a Tree, Sumana Roy
May 2: The Journeys of Trees, Zach St. George
June 6: movie and potluck – A Little Chaos
July 11: Gardens of New Spain, William Dunmire
August 1: Fruit from the Sands, Robert N Spangler, III (through “The Wheats”)
September 12: Fruit from the Sands, Robert N Spangler, III (from “The Legumes)
October 3: Cumin, Camels, and Caravans, Gary Paul Nabhan
November 7: The Botanist and the Vintner, Christy Campbell
December 5: movie and potluck – Greenfingers

January: The Plant Messiah, Carlos Magdalena
February:  Demons in Eden, Jonathan Silvertown
March: Sproutlands, William Bryant Logan
April and May: The Story of Corn, Betty Fussell
June: Movie: My Passion for Trees, Judi Dench
July: Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land, Gary Paul Nabhan
August: Prodigal Summer, Barbara Kingsolver
September: Finding the Mother Tree, Suzanne Simard
October and November: The Cabaret of Plants, Richard Mabey
December: movie and book – Fantastic Fungi

January: How Plants Work, Linda Chalker-Scot
February: Replenish, Sandra Postel
March: The Cactus Plot, Vicky Ramakka
April: The Food Explorer, Daniel Stone
May: (no meeting due to covid)
June: Gathering the Desert, Gary Paul Nabhan
July: Movie and book: Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan
August: The Rose Rustlers, Greg Grant and William Welch
September: Orchid Fever, Eric Hansen
October: Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer
November: Brilliant Green, Stefano Mancuso
December: Movie and book: The Private Life of Plants, David Attenborough

June: The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben
July: Paradise Lot, Eric Toensmeier
August: Gardening for a Lifetime, Sydney Eddison
September: What a Plant Knows, Daniel Chamovitz
October: A Garlic Testament, Stanley Crawford
November: The Triumph of Seeds, Thor Hansen
December: Movie: Dare to be Wild, Mary Reynolds

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