I have been photographing since 1976 and completed a BFA with honors in Art Studio at the University of New Mexico (December 2015).  I am also trained as a biomathematician and have worked in environmental health with an emphasis on the human health effects of inhaled air pollutants.

Many people believe that art and science are opposites but my experience is otherwise. To excel in science or art one must have a creative concept and the discipline and technical knowledge to implement that vision.

Selected work

Recognition  solo exhibition 16-27 November 2015 John Sommers Gallery UNM

Tyndall Galleries (through 2004)

Medical Muse

  • Fall 2003
  • Spring 2008
  • Fall 2009
  • Fall 2011
  • Spring 2013
  • Summer 2015

Photographer’s Forum

  • 2009
  • 2010

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