Land of Enchantment

A small, self-published book of 15 photographic images, the work is available through OR from me directly.  cover

On a conventional, superficial level, I accept a solid world that is external to myself.  On a deeper, personal level, I move in a world that is formed by my experiences.  This dual nature of the world is particularly apparent in photography.  We accept photographs as ‘straight talk’, as documentation.  Yet even the most straight, most direct, most unmanipulated image is framed to include or exclude information.

My images describe place rather than record it.  Although they are frequently photographs of landscapes, they are not about the particular locations.

The title of this collection of images, Land of Enchantment, has a dual meaning.  New Mexico, the source for many of these images, is known as the ‘Land of Enchantment’.  In addition to this overt reference, is the internal exploration of an apparently solid external world to discover the hidden land of enchantment that our minds alone can draw forth from the landscape.

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